The Entire #30DTAOL Challenge



Do you have that feeling like you are forgetting something? How about the sensation that you just aren’t accomplishing what you need to in order to be successful? Forget planning ahead, right? Who has time for that? I know the feeling. I have so much on my plate, so many things to get done, so many people counting on me. Gah!

Finally. Something that works.

Combining the best ideas from years of time, management, and leadership training to bullet journal posts on Pinterest, I created a plan that WORKS and is FUN. In 30 days, you will learn simple techniques that will help you organize all the important things in life. Regardless of who you are, where you are, your age or even your profession… You WILL learn to make the most of your day/week/month using these tips.


Week One

Week 1 and Week 2 are contain the CORE areas of the Organized Life content. The most important sections that you will define and manage. Everything else is icing!
  • Day 1 - General overview/Defining your KEY: Overview of the program and creating symbols for your key   

  • Day 2 - Create Your Index: Numbering every page in your journal so you can add the titles to an Index at the front of your journal  

  • Day 3 - Year-at-a-glance: Laying out your entire year, selecting the number of months you wanted to track, along with other personal touches like the font and colors you used for your title, and if you opted to include the annual goals on this page 
  • Day 4 - Yearly Goals: Guidance on how to create goals using the "SMART" method

  • Day 5 - Special DatesWhether you simply color coded your Year-at-a-Glance calendar to display important events you are tracking or went the extra step to organize these events on a separate page, you now have a place to go to see them and work with them each month

  • Day 6 - Future Dates: You created a space to list out any dates that are, well, in the future.
  • Day 7 - 1st Weekly Check in 

Week Two

  • Day 8 - Month View: You selected a layout that worked for you and identified the things that YOU want to accomplish and scheduled them and added tasks to support them.  Whatever it looks like, and whatever is important, this is where you put you first.

  • Day 9 - Monthly Goals: If you are incorporating this into your Month View, you determined what they were for the month and created a visual diagram to track the progress you will make. Did you update your goal diagram after you created it?

  • Day 10 - Habit Tracker:  You thought about behaviors/actions that you want to improve on daily and I shared why habits happen and how you take action to improve them.  It's only been 2 days, but are you updating your Habit Tracker?  

  • Day 11 - Weekly Tracker: Breaking down the month's tasks even further, and a space to journal what transpired, and you can even include spaces for weather or water.  Has this helped you manage more detailed tasks (then it's right for you) or does this feel like more work than required (then stick with just a month view)?

  • Day 12 - Adding Flair: Adding extra artistic elements to your pages allows further expression of your content and individuality.

  • Day 13 -Fixing mistakes: How to learn from mistakes, when mistakes happen + Tips and tricks on making those blemishes go away

  • Day 14 - Week 2 Check in 

Week 3

Week 3 & 4 are bonus pages to organize other content that makes you happy! These are super fun additions to your journal, and I highly recommend creating a few, not all! 
  • Day 15 -Meals: Move past simple grocery shopping lists into true MEAL PLANNING. Compiling a list of options that you/your family enjoys over time and pulling them into your weekly planning as your Menu 
  • Day 16 - People Sphere: The goal with this page layout is to create a diagram that displays the people in your life. The goal is to understand your relationship with each person so you can develop them in a way that will serve you

  • Day 17 - Vision Board: A tangible place to put images that represent your goals or intentions! This helps you to visually see them, giving them life, and making them real

  • Day 18 - Bucket List: A catch-all page to organize those awesome "Love to do one-day" thing

  • Day 19 - Books to read/Favorite Authors: I cover two ways of organizing books and authors depending on the type of reader you may be. For the avid reader, a layout that encourages you to write about your favorite books or authors, explaining

  • Day 20 - Favorite Quotes: One space to put all the quotes you have accumulated over time

  • Day 21 - Check In: Quick review and some coaching time. Yay!

Week 4

  • Day 22 - Travel:   Track where you've been and where you want to go with these great layouts

  • Day 23 - Gardening Log: How a gardener can be inspired to chronicle plants in his garden while maintaining a detailed list of seasonal tasks to help his garden grow!  

  • Day 24 - Movies: Unique ways to track your favorites or build a list to watch

  • Day 24 - BONUS BLOG: Being happy and making a space dedicated to the things that make you smile

  • Day 25 - Useful Numbers:  One way to keep important information close at hand

  • Day 26 - Blog it: Why I chose to create a blog, and the tips to organizing a blog schedule and content so you are successful

  • Day 27 - Last week in review: Summing up all the awesomeness from the week, and a coaching spot to check in on the core pages, ensuring you are progressing positively!

  • Day 28 - Set up a new month: review how to set up a monthly view a few days before the month starts so you can organize your activities, making sure your priorities are scheduled in before anything else grabs your time

  • Day 29 - What I have learned:  Take time to review the month and answer a few questions that help you to think about the bigger stuff in your life

  • Day 30 - Close Out: It's a wrap. A summary of the program and review of your new habit