Day 3 - Year at a Glance


This is one of my favorite parts of Journal creation. While it is the longest to set up, it is well worth the work, and is referred to month after month. Creating a year at a glance calendar is your opportunity to pen a calendar in your own handwriting, which enables you to become intimate with the days of the month, how they correlate to dates, and the number of months that you will be tracking in your calendar. Whether you want to track 18, 15 months 12 months, you will recognize where certain critical dates lie in each one of those months.

Let's get started. This is the agenda for today

  • Magic of writing things down
  • Picking the right layout
  • Number of Months to track
  • Simple Template
  • Using Pencil & Eraser

Here are just a few samples that I have curated and saved to my Pinterest board. They can be found in various social media apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and even found through Google searches. Find one that suits your taste or make one of your own. 

Leslie Grossman is the founder of Stitches By Leslie, Inc. and the creator of the patent pending Journal Mate. For more information, reach out