Day 5 - Special Dates


Creating a list of special events and color-coding them on your Year-at-a-Glance calendar ensures you will never miss that important event again. As we go further into the #30DTAOL program, you will see how often you'll refer to your Year-at-a-Glance Calendar, and with your special events color-coded, it will really get your attention. 

Types of events you may be interested in tracking:

There are several options for managing these events. Choose the style that is right for you.

Simple: If you have a small set of events that you track,  creating a key and color coding the dates on the Year-at-a-Glance calendar should suffice. As you move through your year, you can add to this calendar and the key

Detailed: If you have a lot of events,  I  recommend turning to a new page, create sections by event type, and order each with the earliest date first. Once this is complete,  you can go to your Year-at-a-Glance calendar, create the key, and color code away. 

If you choose the Detailed option, remember to add a heading to the page and track it in your Index.

Here are just a few samples that I have curated and saved to my Pinterest board. They can be found on various social media apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and even found through Google searches. Find one that suits your taste or make one of your own. 

Pictures 1 & 2 are a few that I have done myself. Picture 3 was in MY 2016-2017 journal.

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