Day 6 - Future Dates


Future dates. You know them. They are the dates that pop up in conversation with friends - "We should book a girls night next month" - or with colleagues - "The Chamber meeting in November includes a mixer.  You should attend." Managing these dates in the journal is easy; in fact, it's one of the easiest lists to create.

*** An important call out is there might be dates specific to your Year Goals that can be added here as well ***

On my Future Date list, I keep things VERY simple. Dates are added to this list without any order. Crazy, I know. As future dates are presented to you, just add them to the list. As you plan each month, which you will see tomorrow, you will look at this list to build out your month view. Let's create one now. 

  • Start a new single page
  • Add a heading that takes up most of this single page - Be creative!
  • Pull 5-6 lined Post-it notes off your pad and place on the page.
  • To ensure they remain secure, you can add a piece of double sided tape on the back of each Post-it (which I did in the example) 
  • Start adding dates
  • This is the ONLY LIST where I cross items off as they are added to the month they apply
  • Remove the Post-it page when items are completely crossed off
  • Continue with the next Post-it note behind  

* Make sure you add this page/Title to your Index page *

There are plenty examples of more detailed Future Date lists, which I include in the example photos below and saved to my Pinterest board. They can be found in various social media apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and even found through Google searches. Find one that suits your taste or make one of your own.

Here is a quick info video from Leslie, to help you through the content.

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