Day 12 - Adding Flair

"Oh boy." I can hear your rumbles, my non-creative followers.

Today, we walk through creating flair! Adding extra artistic elements to your pages allows further expression of your content and individuality. We will start simple for those that may be interested, and expand to complex for those wanting a challenge.

As you move into this artistic space, some things to consider:

  • practice with pencil
  • copy from the examples below - click on each to expand it
  • look closely, NONE of the examples are PERFECT 
  • stay calm and have fun

All of the example photos below are saved to my Pinterest board. You can further your search through various social media apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and even Google searches. Find one that suits your taste or make one of your own.

---{ Headings }--- 

Washi tape:  in our first two entries "Day 1 - Overview & Defining your KEY" and "Day 2 - Create Your Index" I share how washi tape is an easy and fast way to make an impact to the headings of your page


Banners: Drawing a banner is easier than you think. Here are a few pictures for you to follow, and some cool options

Dividers: Dividers can be used both at the top of the page or to separate sections on a page.  

Page corners: These are great to use when you have one list on the left side of a page, and another list on the right. 

Artistic fonts: Have fun with words! It's easy, just bend your imagination... or follow these examples.

---{ Body }--- 

Creative Page Layouts: Either each page is the same, or you strive to make them different... differentiating each list from the other helps to make them stand out, not just in the book - but in your memory. 

Doodles: Adding these little critters bring life to your pages. So many to pick from!


Themes: Each month or week can follow a theme. Carry it through everything you do for the month!

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