Day 13 - Fixing Mistakes


Fixing Mistakes. I know how frustrating it can be to make a mistake in your journal. Some almost fear mistakes too much and are frozen from even trying the program. It’s completely HUMAN to misspell or mislabel something. Sometimes the best things in life come from mistakes... I think Confucius said that.    

White Out. OK, so you blew it. You wrote Tuesday when it was Wednesday. Been there. Try using the Paper Mate Grip. It's easy to use, rolls on, and is like tape. You can write on top of it - just try to not press too hard. I found THIS blog page on Shoplet dedicated to the different types of White Out on the market and you can learn how each performs. ** Just a quick note: highlighters do not work well on this**

Washi Tape. It’s the amazingly colorful strip of loveliness. Did you know that you can write on Washi? YOU CAN!!! I find that the Sharpie Ultra Fine Point markers write the best and dry super fast which means it won’t smudge!

Draw something over it. Can you take what you were doing and convert it to a drawing from the Day 12 - Flair post?

Add something. Might be a great place to add a fun sticker - use an Elmers Glue Stick and attach a piece of colored paper, washi tape a post-it note to that area, or maybe a photo or magazine tear.

Embrace your mistakes. Call it what it is. If you acknowledge it, you are being honest with yourself, and this will allows you to open yourself up to where you are right now - in a space to learn from a misstep.  

Remember why you are here. To Organize your Life. Get s**t done. Obtaining your goals. Improving your life. DO NOT compare your journal to anything you see on this blog and DO NOT compare you to anyone else. You and your journal are awesome. Period.  

Prevention tips

Use erasable pens or pencils. Like Momma always says, “Practice makes perfect.” Using a pencil to create your layout first gives you an opportunity to see it before you commit to it - to check spelling, make sure the dates are right, and, um, make sure you are working in the right month. If you start out this way, you will gain confidence, or at least have the ability to erase!

Simplicity is key. Ramp up to complex ideas or add along the way. A Month View can start with just a title and the dates. As you go through the month, add flair. A little at a time, until you are comfortable.

There are plenty examples of more detailed lists, which I include in the example photos below and saved to my Pinterest board. They can be found in various social media apps like Pinterest, Instagram, and even found through Google searches. Find one that suits your taste or make one of your own.

Leslie Grossman is the founder of Stitches By Leslie, Inc. and the creator of the patent pending Journal Mate. For more information, reach out