Day 14 - Weekly Check in

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It's Sunday, Day 14 of the challenge, and the end of Week 2. Milestones!

So how did you do? Did you check in every day? Did you get stuck somewhere? Feeling creative, following right along or overwhelmed? 

Let's spend today reviewing what you accomplished this week and some general reminders.

This week 

Month View: You selected a layout that worked for you and identified the things that YOU want to accomplish and scheduled them and added tasks to support them.  Whatever it looks like, and whatever is important, this is where you put you first. Did you expand your task list after you initially created it? 

Monthly Goals: If you are incorporating this into your Month View, you determined what they were for the month and created a visual diagram to track the progress you will make. Did you update your goal diagram after you created it?

Habit Tracker:  You thought about behaviors/actions that you want to improve on daily and I shared why habits happen and how you take action to improve them.  It's only been a few days, but are you updating your Habit Tracker?  

Weekly View: Breaking down the month's tasks even further, and a space to journal what transpired, and you can even include spaces for weather or water.  Has this helped you manage more detailed tasks (then it's right for you) or does this feel like more work than required (then stick with just a month view)?

Adding Flair: Adding special touches to your pages brings in the element of creativity. Wheather you choose to keep it clean and modern or create fully colorful spreads, it's yours to design. Remember to always use pencil first when adding embellishments. For those that find drawing a challenge, you can always rely on stamps, stickers, washi tape to assist. 

Fixing Mistakes: S**t happens, and it's how we handle it when it does that matters most in life. I covered a few options on how to fix mistakes or blemishes in your journal, starting with attitude and then ending with physical. No matter what, embrace it!  


  • Update Your Index: Keep it current with the pages that you have added since.  
  • Review your Monthly Goals, check off any boxes. 
  • Review your Habit Trackers - make adjustments to your weekly schedule as needed to ensure you can be successful 
  • Set up next week's weekly pages
  • Have fun. This shouldn't be stressful. If anything feels cumbersome, simply exclude it and go back a step.
  • Post comments! 
Leslie Grossman is the founder of Stitches By Leslie, Inc. and the creator of the patent pending Journal Mate. For more information, reach out