Day 16 - People Sphere

This is a diagram that displays the people in your life. The goal is to understand your relationship with each person so you can develop them in a way that will serve you. I am NOT talking about your bazillion social media friends. This is only about the actual people you stay in touch with AND the people that you want to get into your circle. It takes a network and people to get real personal and professional results!

Topics Include

  • Creating a Visual diagram of your relationships
  • Understanding the type of relationship - Oppositional or symbiotic
  • Clearly define the needs and/or contributions each provides
  • Identification of who is missing or where there is imbalance, including relationships that are not working for you  

Start by placing a circle in the center of that line. Write your name in it. This is you!

Now, draw a line down the center of the page, but not through the circle.

You will want to write on the left side of the page "Personal" and on the right side "Professional".

Now, draw circles around you on the left side of the page and put the names of the people that are closest to you, in both relationship and living space - Your husband, children, maybe a parent or a sibling, etc. These circles should be pretty close to yours, and move further out the less close you are with the person.  

You can now start adding other circles with the names of your closest friends, colleagues, relatives. This would be on both the left and right sides of the page. These circles should only include the people that you interact with on a fairly frequent basis, and you would consider being important in your world. Again, the further they are to you, in a relationship sense, the further away the bubble is to your name. 

Now for the last set of bubbles. You will add people that you would like to know. This could be someone that you think would provide some sort of impact to your professional or personal life. Maybe it's a parent of your child's friend, or a Vice President in your organization, or simply that really awesome fashion designer. This is a relationship that you feel would give you the ability to do something or go somewhere that you have yet to be. 

Ok. You have a lot of circles on a page. Let's start connecting these circles to you. We will use a marker to draw lines with:

  • different thicknesses to represent the strength of the relationship,
  • arrows to reflect who is contributing.
  • color the circles to reflect the type of relationship (Love, Financial, Spiritual, Growth, Required, Playful, Not Active)

What do you see? 

  • Are the relationships that are closest to you helping you or draining you?
  • Do you have too many relationships, or too few?
  • Do you have a good balance of relationship types? 
  • How many relationships are you contributing to? How about receiving from?
  • How are you going to grow your relationships to include the ones you need?

Now what? 

    Answering the questions above should give you amazing clarity. You now need to slowly phase out the relationships that aren't fruitful, and increase your focus on the ones that need improvement. Oh, and the relationships that don't exist... think of ways that these relationships can be established, and add tasks to your Weekly and Monthly Views so you can resolve. 


    Leslie Grossman is the founder of Stitches By Leslie, Inc. and the creator of the patent pending Journal Mate. For more information, reach out