Day 18 - Bucket List

Is your Bucket List overflowing with hopes and dreams?

Is your Bucket List overflowing with hopes and dreams?

Bucket List. When flipping through social media or watching a movie, do you ever say to yourself, "I would love to do that!" The "That" could be a balloon ride over the northern California mountains at sunrise. Maybe it's watching the sunset from the deck of a sailboat in Greece. Whatever it is, add it to the Bucket List. This is your dream catcher, that catch-all place to put those awesome "Love to do one-day" things. 

This is solely for the "things I'd love to do" list. Not places to go. We cover places to go/have gone on Day 22!

This is a great time to share some interesting articles I have read over the years about Bucket Lists:

There are several types of Bucket Lists, however, these are the two I like the most, with some examples to go along with them.  


One place for all of those amazing ideas. Not organized in any fashion, just one long running list. This is a list that I use to fuel my yearly goals. I look at this list at least 2 months before the beginning of the year. Other times this list is used when I am coming up on some time off or itching to do something new. By coming here you can ensure that you are going to do something you always wanted to! That's COOL.  

Seasonal List

This one is FUN! Creating one for each of the four seasons allows you to break the items down into time periods which makes planning for them WAY easier! Lobster bake on Martha's Vineyard is awesome in September, but not so great in January.  

Whichever way you go, this is a great place to dream big, no matter how crazy the thing may be in your mind today, if it's something that you would love to do, putting down on this list is the first step to making it a reality. It may not happen tomorrow, but it will as you set your goals and plan your way to accomplishing them! 


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