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Being Happy. I get happy just thinking about being happy. Silly right? Maybe not. A friend of mine sent me an article just the other day on this very subject, there was a breakdown of human happiness and where it comes from. It states that studies show half of our attitude is genetic, 10% comes from life situations, and 40% is determined by us. 40% is a staggering percentage. I would bet that if we focused that 40% toward being in a happier state, that the remaining 60% would be impacted, thus creating an even larger number percentage of happy. All this happy talk!   

This bonus layout is intended to shift your focus inward for just a few minutes to shift your current outlook to a happier place. Grab an empty page of your Journal and let's go!

  1. Think of one good thing that happened to you in the last 12 hours
  2. What was it?
  3. Where did it happen?
  4. Were you alone or with someone?
  5. How did you feel?
  6. Who else did you share it with?

You might be wondering why so many questions and what's the point of the exercise. Here goes: many of us experience happy moments, but don't hover within them for long enough to understand what it was about them that made us happy. Once we understand why we are happy, we will intuitively seek situations that are similar, creating a pattern of happy moments. Plus, it's really awesome to celebrate these things!  

Consider keeping a page dedicated to these happy moments, people, places, or things. A place you can flip to when looking for a positive thought! 

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Thanks Alina!