Day 19 - Books & Authors

"Reading gives us a place to go, when we have to stay where we are" ~ Mason Cooley

There are so many avid readers out there. You know them... Always have a book with them, piles of read books on shelves, light on late so they can get that last chapter read. For this group, making a list of books to read may not be a great idea because the moment the book hits the list, it's already in their hands. I offer a different approach - writing about your favorite books or authors, explaining what made the book great (or not so great) - why did it land on this page.

For those of us that don't read as often (I'm in this category), creating a "Books I want to Read" page is best. Perfect space to compile a list of books that, when you have the time, you can select from. Nothing worse than standing at the bookstore looking for "that book, you know the one that I said I wanted to read when I had the time. Ugh, I just don't remember the name or Author". I do want to say that this group can certainly have a page dedicated to their favorite books and authors as well, accomplishments are, well accomplishments... celebrate them! 

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