Day 20 - Favorite Quotes


We all know them when we see them. Quotes, or statements, spoken by someone inspirational with an intention to motivate us in some way. I have a few that really encourage me, and some months I add them to my Monthly View. Do you have favorite quotes? If you do, then let us spend some time creating a space to collect the ones you enjoy, so you can flip to the page when you need inspiration the most

Here are a few samples of Quote Pages that I have found and shared on the Pinterest board. For the most part they are simple, and should be pretty easy to replicate!

Here are a few quotes that I have found over time that are motivational for me.  

If an entire page of quotes isn't your thing, you could find one or two that you find motivational on the web, print them out and add them to your Vision Board covered on Day 17

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