Day 28 - LAST Weekly Check in


Last full week of content! This week was full of organization layouts for all sorts of interests, like movies, gardening, traveling, etc! You received a "Bonus Blog" on Happiness and I also shared my process around creating a blog to communicate your message. 

Topics covered this week

  • Day 22 - Travel:   Track where you've been and where you want to go with these great layouts
  • Day 23 - Gardening Log: How a gardener can be inspired to chronicle plants in his garden while maintaining a detailed list of seasonal tasks to help his garden grow!  

  • Day 24 - Movies: Unique ways to track your favorites or build a list to watch

  • Day 24 - BONUS BLOG: Being happy and making a space dedicated to the things that make you smile

  • Day 25 - Useful Numbers:  One way to keep important information close at hand

  • Day 26 - Blog it: Why I chose to create a blog, and the tips to organizing a blog schedule and content so you are successful

  • Day 27 - Setting up your next month: Setting up the next month ahead of time, keeping your priorities in mind, then following through with important events, future dates, and setting up a weekly layout. 

Many of these are "Nice to have" pages, and by no means should you feel compelled to create all of these. Organically grow into these as you gain more comfortability with the process of keeping things organized and journaling. 

Challenge Check In


STOP and give me 20 minutes! As your Organization Coach on this 30 Day journey, I would be remiss if I didn't check in on how you are doing with the core areas. I have outlined what those core areas are below, with links to the actual content, and progress prompts. This is YOUR journey - you are defining what is important to you and organizing it so you can accomplish all that is important to you. Take the time to work through these:

  • Weekly Tracker:
    • As you finish this week, you should have updated the status on the tasks you had. Hopefully several are completed, and for those that aren't you should be marking them to either cancel or move forward
    • Has this helped you manage more detailed tasks (then it's right for you) or does this feel like more work than required (then stick with just a month view)?
    • Today is a great day to prepare next weeks layout, pulling in all the tasks that needed to be moved forward, new tasks that align with your monthly goals, any events that are critical, weekly meal planning, etc. 
  • Month View:
    • Did you make any updates? Add any new events? Keep the ones planned?
  • Monthly Goals:
    • Have you been updating your goal diagrams?
  • Habit Tracker:  
    • Are you updating your Habit Tracker? Catch up if you haven't been
    • Look at your progress... What areas are you successful? Where are you not successful. Think about this for a little bit. Be honest with yourself and figure out what it will take to course correct - remember these are habits YOU wanted to incorporate into your life
  • Future Dates:
    • Did you add any dates for events that are happening in months beyond August? 
  • Update Your Index: 
    • Keep it current with the pages that you have added this week 


Leslie Grossman is the founder of Stitches By Leslie, Inc. and the creator of the patent pending Journal Mate. For more information, reach out