Just the +Mate

Just the +Mate

from 24.95

The +Mate is a unique accessory that turns any book into a fashionable organizer. You can pair it with ANY book you choose and voila! - instant organization. You're welcome!   

Imagine no longer worrying about leaving your mobile device behind or searching for a pen when you need it most. 

Keeping it together. It's what you'll do. Customers have been caught using it:


  • Planners, calendars, agendas
  • Journals
  • Sketch & coloring books
  • Novels or cookbooks
  • and on, and on, and on!

to organize...  

  • Personal items: phone, credit card, money, and loose pages

  • Writing instruments: pen, pencil, highlighter, color pencils, markers, crayons, etc.

  • School supplies: calculator, Post-Its, etc.

  • Reading tools: bookmark, post-it flags, etc


Stitches By Leslie, Inc.’s products, the Mate™, Journal Mate™, Color Mate™, and Sketch Mate™ are patent pending products.  If you are interested in exploring licensing opportunities or bulk purchases for your company or employees, please contact us

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