Leslie Grossman
Leslie Grossman
Leslie Grossman


Hi! I'm Leslie Grossman, founder of Stitches By Leslie, Inc. and proud inventor of the 'Mate line of products. My focus is on creating unique organizational products that connect fashion trends to productivity tools. This not only makes my clients stand out but helps them keep it together!

I'm an entrepreneur. A wife, mom, daughter, runner, hiker, boss, and sewer (to name a few). I wear a lot of hats. I am everywhere, doing everything... and I needed a way to keep it together. 

The last 20 years of my life has been spent working in the field of Information Technology. Being in corporate America, I have found that I must be prepared at any given moment. This typically means I carry a lot of things with me throughout my day, including my cell phone, journal, pens, laptop, money, employee badge, presentations, budgets, etc. Needless to say, I always left something behind or dropped something along the way. Frustrated with this pattern, and NOT interested in carrying a bag with me around the office... I knew I needed a solution.

As a hobby quilter I leveraged my sewing skills and my creative problem-solving skills - and magically the first Journal Mate was born. The Sling style was simple and modern while covering my needs. After a few days, and several coworkers noticing it - commenting on its uniqueness and asking where I bought it - I knew I was on to something. Then I received my first order. And another... Before long I was creating bulk custom orders and selling at local green markets.

I have grown substantially since that first sale in early 2015. I attribute my success to my customer's feedback, which was turned into improved product quality, new features and even the development of new designs - the Color Mate and the Sketch Mate.

I now have a patent on file and trademarks underway. Fulfillment and assembly are underway with the #Seamless line, fall 2017! What an amazing feeling to go from concept to product. From one customer to hundreds... with a goal of reaching a billion! 

My journey is just beginning. Won't you join me!