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the 'mate Collection

A unique accessory that turns any book into a fashionable organizer. Imagine no longer worrying about leaving your mobile device behind or searching for a pen when you need it most.   

Keeping it together. It's what you'll do. 



Just the organization. Add it to any book in your possession, borrowed or owned. It's adjustability creates flexibility. With the large pocket, slot, and business card holder, you will feel seamless no matter where you are. Being organized was never so easy... or fashionable.

Journal Mate

The original Mate is attached to a 8x10" lined journal.  Complete with a slot for your favorite writing tools and large pocket for stowing your phone, ear buds, and other stuff you carry. Go from the classroom the boardroom with this unique organizational accessory! 


Sketch Mate

Sketch, draft and design in style with this awesome organizer. The pocket is big enough to hold your charcoals, pencils, or watercolors. Attached a 8x10" wire-bound hardcover sketchbook full of perforated pages of heavy stock paper. Get your draw on!

Color Mate

Art and organization with this fashionable Mate. Keep your color pencils where they belong - with your coloring book!  If you love to express yourself with color, this is your mate.  Attached to a Tamara Kate Coloring Book, perfect for young and adult! 

+Mate Mini

mini. much smaller than normal.

For the pocket sized journals, planners, and notebooks. Organization with a side zip.


...the details

Set 1-4.jpg


adjective: closely and neatly packed together; dense.

The design maintains a low profile, even when the pockets are full.

Journal Mate

big pocket

noun: a small bag like feature sewn into something to carry small articles.

Designed to provide instant access to the various items you may carry throughout your day.

Examples: Cell phone, ear buds, reading glasses, gum, checkbook thumb drive, mouse

Journal Mate


noun: a long, narrow aperture or slit for something to be inserted or stored.

Designed to provide instant and easy access to your writing tools.

Examples: pens, pencils, markers, highlighters

Journal Mate

hidden pocket

adjective: kept out of sight; concealed

This inner pocket stows various objects discretely. Access simply by opening the cover. 

Examples: business cards, identification, credit card, cash, student ID

Journal Mate


adjective: able to be adjusted;

Finished your book? No problem! Simply detach the 'Mate and place it on your next book. 

Examples: new journal, new sketch book, new coloring book, new planner 

zip & elastic

side zip & elastic

Fasten with a zipper for a secure closure, and the double elastic bands ensure a snug fit. #YouAreWelcome



2015.05 v2

2015.05 v2


Features a large pocket that can hold a mobile device, earbuds, checkbook, or anything else you may want to stow. Includes an outer pocket that holds writing instruments and a hidden inner pocket for business cards or ID. 

2015.05 v4

2015.05 v4

pocket pair

Features two pockets for the overachiever! Same large pocket securely holds a mobile device, earbuds, checkbook, etc. Includes the hidden inner pocket for business cards or ID. 

2015.05 v3

2015.05 v3


Same large pocket, with a flap to enclose the objects you place inside, like your mobile device, earbuds, checkbook, etc. Includes the hidden inner pocket for business cards or ID. 

2015.05 v6

2015.05 v6

side zip

Perfect for the crafty journaler, you can use the side zipper to store all the accessories you want! Washi tape, sticky notes, scissors, erasers… Whatever your heart desires <3

2015.05 v1

2015.05 v1


This version has a medium sized pocket to hold several writing tools, business cards, and any other small loose objects. Features the envelope closure that leverages buttons or snaps. Simple and modern. 




Where is the product made?

All +Mates are designed in the USA using materials from the USA and all orders are shipped from the USA. Assembly occurs in both India and the USA (LE models). 

Can I use the +Mate on other books?

Yes. It's adjustable and works with any book 8"x10" or larger. The Mini is made for a Leuchtturm1917 145 x 210mm

What materials are used?

We use 100% cotton fabric for all our +Mates, including the thread and batting.

Does it fit all cell phone sizes?

Unless it's ginormous, yes. Even the mini can store a phone.

Are they machine washable?

Absolutely. Machine wash cold, tumble dry no heat or hang to dry. Press with iron on cotton setting. Cover the zipper if you have a Mini 

If I wanted a custom +Mate, could I order one?

Yes. We will make custom orders for any event or company. Just reach out via email