the sketch Mate

A clever way to take your lead, coal and ink with you... everywhere!

Life is art. Live yours in COLOR!
— Anonymous


More than a pocket for a kewl sketchbook   

In Nov 2017, the 30 Days & 30 Sketches (#30Sketches) challenge launched. Every day for 30 days I share a new subject and we draw together. Get out of your comfort zone and create... there are a TON of benefits to it  

The primary goals of the challenge include:

>>  Helping you to create focused time each day

>>  Allowing yourself a chance to take a look at the world around you in a new way  

>>  Improve your overall memory function 

Come doodle with me!


Stop carrying all loose items!   

Journal Mate


slide a phone into the large pocket and 3 pens in the small pocket.

journal Mate

inner pocket

business cards, money, credit card or id.

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The Sketch Mate
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The Sketch Mate
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