Day 10 - Draw a building



They are like snowflakes. So many, none ever exactly the smae. Built by different cultures, in different styles, heights, materials, shapes... it's virtually a candy store for a sketcher. 

I love walking among the biggest buildings in New York City, or cruising along the river staring up at them in Chicago. I also enjoy a really old barn in the Pennsylvania country side not too far from the road, or a early period stone tower nestled along a Munro path in Scotland. Some of my favorite buildings are in Italy - The Colosseum, all the buildings in Piazza del Duomo, and the Battistero di San Giovanni in Firenze are ALL amazing. I've seen a lot of awesome buildings in my travels, scanning each looking for all the secrets they offer. 

Is there a favorite city you like to visit? A building that you love from your childhood or a recent vacation? Is there a specific type of building you like more than another - maybe very old or super modern? Take a journey today, either through your memory bank or on the www and find something that speaks to you. If you are fortunate to be in a place that offers opportunities to explore, take your sketchbook out and enjoy the day.


There is something really crisp and, well sketchy, about architectural sketches. I love when pen and marker is brought in to add emphasis on specific features or landscaping. Some of these are done of graph paper, which gives them even more character. I really find the sketches done in ink are fun, something about knowing any mistakes made are hidden from view. This would be another great opportunity to try using a pen.   


Wildcard Options

  • your cell phone
  • a stuffed animal
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