How to start off a new year right!

The new year is fast upon us. This time of the year I start getting excited about closing out one journal and stating a new one... brand new pages, crisp and neat, blank just waiting for some color!

When I begin to prepare a new journal for the year ahead, I:
• set up my index, leaving room for "future dates" sticky notes
• set up a goals page, but leaving it blank for now
• Create my "year at a glance" pages and mark off all the key dates ( birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, school schedules, paydays, etc.)
• Lay out a January monthly page with room for tasks and habit trackers
• and complete the first 4 weeks daily pages.

I think about what worked well and not so well in the last journal and incorporate those things or changes in my new journal. Being agile and always adjusting enables growth and mastery! This is a key step in planning forward... incorporating a look backwards. Flipping through 2018 and taking a few minutes to jot down events and accomplishments from the year. I was stunned at how much has happened... not just with all of the facets of my life, but with those in my life as well.

One of the biggest rewards of bullet journaling is a quick retrospective on these things:
1. #GoalCrush: Looking at all the accomplishments and events of the year... Did you accomplish all of your goals? Why or why not?

2. Habit trackers: did you use them, and if so did you stick to them? Looking at what habits you were able to incorporate, which ones were easy to add to your routine and which ones were a struggle

3. Journal structure: How did you use your journal? Were there layouts that you preferred over others? Did you use the index, number your pages, plan down to a weekly level or just at month view?

I will be kicking off another round of the "30 Days To An Organized Life" on January 3rd. If you are interested in joining the challenge, read these three blog posts to prepare:
* What it's about and why you need it in your life: LINK
* Supplies: LINK
* Get to it, start using your journal now: LINK

See you soon!

Leslie Grossman