paper trumps digital

2Paper trumps digital - Leslie A. Grossman - Pulse - LinkedIn.clipular.png

I love to write in this digital age. And I do it with lots of color. I'm a note taker, a list maker, and a doodler. This has been a life long habit in my personal and professional lives and made entertaining fodder for co-workers: "Oh my! You have a lot of notebooks!" No matter how I've tried to make the transition to a completely digital life, I've yet to be satisfied...believe me I've tried. 

It boils down to is this - digital is best for external/outbound communication and processing. Internal processing (the "me" component), however, is always best executed by hand.

Here is a great article about the trend of Planners that share in this philosophy. My favorite excerpt, "Research shows that writing things with your hand on paper neurologically helps the information process into your mind and you remember and comprehend what you wrote better than if you simply just press buttons to type in information." Ah ha! Now I remember why...