Planning With Purpose


I’m a planner. Obviously. I love taking the big goals I have for myself and my family, and breaking them down into tasks. I love tracking my progress, organizing my schedule, and then of course adding my own creative flair.

So many of my friends and colleagues see my planner and say “I wish I could be that organized.” They ask me how long it takes to set up a weekly or monthly planner page, and how often I look at my journal. I’ve done countless one-on-one sessions, videos, and how to blog pages to guide them through it. “Life changing” is what I’m told once they begin the practice. That’s pretty intense.

For those of you that may interested in a hands on experience, I will be holding a session at the gorgeous Contemporary Living Studio in the Lake Park Art District. Seating is extremely limited. Details below.

What will you accomplish in 2019?

It’s easy to get caught up in chaotic bustle of daily life.  We become distracted from what really matters and lose sight of what is truly important.   The Planning with Purpose workshop series will teach you clever techniques to:

  • Reclaim your schedule and make time for what really matters

  • Translate all those mental lists into usable, manageable records you can access at any time

  • Visually record and track your goals to make sure you achieve them

  • Establish a creative outlet and have fun taking control of your life!

This intimate workshop will arm you with essential planning and organizing skills so you can make 2019 the “Year of YOU”. You will receive a Journal Mate TM, how-to guides, and page templates.

  • Contemporary Living

  • 736 Park Ave, Lake Park, FL 33403

  • December 9th, 1pm - 4pm

Leslie Grossman is the founder of Stitches By Leslie, Inc. and the creator of the patent pending Journal Mate. For more information, reach out