daily dose of doodle


I admit it. Proudly, with a big grin and lots of colorful pens in hand. I am a doodler. Every. Single. Day. I doodle something. It's either drawing cherry blossoms on anything (it is April after all), practicing the calligraphy font I learned in a class I took in Chicago, or filling empty space on a page with loops and lines. I doodle.

It's not boredom, or lack of focus. It is the complete opposite. I am perfectly in tune with my surroundings, listening intently during a training class or a meeting, while to others it appears that I am "spacing out". What is actually happening is the creative part of me is anchoring logical thought and concepts to paper. This, coupled with note taking, allows me to turn what I hear into what I can see. Ultimately giving me amazing retention capabilities and the ability call on the information faster. Left brain and right brain working at the same time!

This makes the Journal Mate the perfect product. Its more than an accessory for my journal as it provides amazing organization for all my stuff and is super fashionable! Swing by www.stitchesbyleslie.com to get yours.

For more on the health benefits of doodling, check out the post "5 Benefits of Drawing".