Day 2 - Just a doodle


Welcome back

Day 2 of the #30Sketches challenge. Happy you are here! I wanted to share some "Warm up" activities to get you in the mood... followed by topic tips and a BONUS video... 

Warm up

It's always good to get into the frame of mind and loosen up your physical self before you doodle. Let's get ALL IN! While sitting in your chair (or standing up if you've been sitting all day): 

  • loosen up your shoulders by doing a few rolls. Start by rolling the shoulders forward three times, then back three times
  • wiggle your fingers then hands followed by your arms
  • take in a deep breath through your nose, and let it out fully through your mouth
  • ahhh 

Topic tips

doo·dle  (ˈdo͞odl/) verb: scribble absentmindedly. Example: "he was only doodling in the margin"

Pick up your pencil (or any writing tool), place it on the paper. and go. Nothing or something, it simply doesn't matter. Move your pencil around on the page to form a shape or just draw some lines. Do this until you feel like stopping. 

  • Take a look at what you have in front of you. Is there a specific pattern or shape? What does it look like? A building, and face, maybe an animal or a landscape?
  • What can you add to it to embellish it more? Can you add eyes, or fill in spaces with lines, or maybe color it in? 
  • How hard was it to just draw without any direction or specific idea in mind?

Don't fret, here is a fun 60-second video to get your creative juices going - and there are plenty of samples below to peek at! 

PicCandle has some great doodles, and has authored a Doodle Book which you can find here: ........................................................

Some Examples (google search)

Wild Card Options  

  • a fall leaf
  • any emoticon 
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