Day 7 - Something In Your Favorite Color

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What is YOUR favorite color? 

Mine is blue. Any and every shade. Indigo and teal, baby and electric... but finding an object that is my favorite color and then being able to draw it, not so easy. I spent quite a bit of time looking at my surroundings for something that was blue. Without any luck, I pulled from my imaginative vault, located on the second floor of my brain, upstairs and crafted something that worked for me (which I will post later today).

As you begin your search, think outside of your surroundings, using your imagination or even a memory to draw an object in your favorite color. Maybe it's an object or a location. 

Think about it: Can the color you wear really affect your mood? Research says yes; color can absolutely affect your mood, behavior and stress levels. I found this article "Color Psychology: Does It Affect How You Feel?" which does a great job explaining how our brains process color and gives you an opportunity to explore colors to see how you react. Really fun and worth the few minutes to read.  


Here are some amazing color sketches I found searching through Google's Image library. Most are the handy work of one amazing artist: Marcello Barenghi. Enjoy the inspiration. 

Wild Card Options

  • Glass of water
  • a banana
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