Day 8 - Plant life

I love being outdoors, especially in the woods or on a trail. I enjoy natural surroundings, where plant life is free to grow as it can. In the early mornings, there is a park near me with trails that I enjoy running through. I love the way the sunlight plays on the slash pine bark, the smell of wet grass and leaves, and seeing the purple and yellow wildflowers grow.  There are several trees I specifically love to look at along my while, spaces I know the flowers live, and I even know the exact days they cut the grass.  

I encourage you to take today's challenge outside! Find a space nestled close to or directly within a natural setting. Stop at a park, go outside your office, or maybe even park a chair in your backyard. Take a look around and find some flora that interests you and replicate it. 

I want to also take a moment out to remind you that while it is a sketch challenge, you can use other mediums to make your drawings come to life. Explore using a pen, markers, or color pencils. Maybe you add the color in after... Expand past the pencil if that's where you want to go. 


Wild Card Options

  • a cloudy sky
  • a pine cone


Leslie Grossman is the founder of Stitches By Leslie, Inc. and the creator of the patent-pending Sketch Mate. For more information, reach out